How to clean ear wax

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The main purpose of wax is to protect their eardrums and the ear canal from any foreign material. Wax is important to us. When there is excess wax, however, that poses a problem, and therefore, it is necessary to remove the wax from the ear from time to time. If this is not done, it can lead to problems such as hearing loss, cough, ear infections and pain. That is why wax removal is important.

How to clean ear wax


Cleaning of ear wax should be done regularly. You can use a cotton swab good quality for the same. Use the swab to delicate ear candling. Insert the swab into the ear, but be very careful not to take it too deep. This is because a lot of pressure in the ear canal is harmful. The best way to clean ear wax to perform the swab is gently on all sides. Regular cleaning will not allow the wax to become difficult and, therefore, a swab will be sufficient to maintain clean ear. However, if ear wax cleaning is not done regularly, then there is a chance that the wax will be difficult (leading to ear problems others too) and then a swab will not be enough. Some physicians recommend however, that swabs are potentially dangerous and should not be used. In such a scenario, other methods must be used to clean wax out of the ears. These are:

How to clean wax at home

If the wax harden, then there are ways how to clean wax at home. This process will take about a week. One has to be very careful when administering this technique.1. Buy a bottle of olive oil or baby and an eyedropper.

2. Take a towel and place it over your shoulders.

3. Keep your ear over a sink or basin.

4. Then, with an ear toward the ceiling take the eyedropper and add 2-3 drops of baby oil in the ear. Allow the oil to go in. Since the wax has hardened, it may be difficult for the oil to seep immediately wait for it to go through.

5. Once the oil will put in 2-3 drops of peroxide.

6. Alternatively ear drops can also be used in place of the oil or peroxide.

7. Repeat the same thing on the other ear.

8. This process will be done for more than 4-5 days so that the wax is sufficiently softened.

9. After the wax is softened it is time to introduce the water.

10. The water temperature should be as close to body temperature as possible. Anything warmer or cooler will make it harder for the wax out.

11. Keep your ear over a bowl and place the towel over his shoulder.

12. Turn your ear toward the ceiling.

13. Then pull the earlobe to 'open'.

14. Take the eyedropper and fill it with water, then start to squirt it into the ear canal.

15. Let the water fill.

16. Once the water fills, let the point toward the ear bowl, so that any excess water drops out.

17. Wait for the wax to flow out as well.

18. Look out for clumps of wax in the bowl.

19. If the wax does not come out first, repeat the process.

20. Do the same for the other ear.

21. After cleaning the wax out of ears is done then dry them.

22. Towel dry the ear using a soft cotton towel or use a hair dryer to blow air gently.

23. Then put a few drops of alcohol and let dry.

How to clean wax Medically

An otolaryngologist will use certain specialized cleaning earwax.

- Irrigation Irrigation is done by injection of (hot) water to wash all the hard wax.

Using a curette - a curette is a small circular metal ring which is connected to the end of a metal wire. The technique involves the introduction of the metal rod curette ear and then to scoop out the wax. This has to be done by a qualified professional or else it can prove to be very painful.

Now that you know the different methods on how to clean ear wax, do it regularly. Do not let the situation worsen an infection at any point of time. All the best!


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